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Digital Medievalist is an international web-based Community of Practice for medievalists working with digital media. It was established in 2003 to help scholars meet the increasingly sophisticated demands faced by designers of contemporary digital projects.

Membership in Digital Medievalist is open to anyone with an interest in its subject matter, without regard to skill or previous experience in Humanities Computing or Medieval Studies. Participants range from novices contemplating their first project to many of the pioneers in our field.

This is the Digital Medievalist wiki and is open for any Digital Medievalist to make pages on subjects they think will be useful for others to look at.

The main categories in this wiki are

Do you want to add a new project?

  1. Log in or create a new user account
  2. Copy all the content between both horizontal lines below to the clipboard
  3. Type the complete name of your project in the "search box" in the left-side menu
  4. If the page does not exist, click on "create this page" red link
  5. Paste the template from the clipboard
  6. Edit your page and click on "Save page" button

== Homepage ==

* Type the project home page URL here

== Description ==

Describe the project in a few lines.

Use a blank line to separate paragraphs.

=== Keywords ===

* Languages:

* Countries:

* Dates:

* Names (authors, historical figures...):

* Disciplines (history, linguistics, literature, paleography...):

== Links and references ==

* Type bibliographic references or URLs here

* Use asterisks to make a list

== Team ==

* List people and their roles in the project here or give a link to the project team description elsewhere

== Contact ==

Name(s) and addresse(s)


Everyone can participate to this wiki. If you wish to do so, you may have a look at the following pages first:

Digital Medievalist also has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Feed.

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